Bonjour from France !


I discovered Star Trek The Original Series in France around year 1985 : that was immediate love, for the dreaming stories and the positive philosophy... and the beginning for collecting Mego toys and later Playmates action figures.

I don´t know why i first wanted to find an used screen uniform, why i needed the possession of a part of this history. So in 2000 with my first computer, i started my search for a bridge tunic...

For my 40th birthday, i owned my first one... that was the beginning for a reel passion for Uniforms and props : To celebrate and safe the history of our future...

This website is now made to share this passion with people all over the Earth.


You´ll also find my other costumes and props interests : Star Wars, Space 1999, Indiana Jones, Lost, Eureka ...


and a spacial coup de coeur and own site for Defying Gravity 


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